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Jay Cutler is one of the most known bodybuilders in the world. He has won the Mr. Olympia title at least four times and has one of the most incredible workout routine ever. 

That is why everyone wants to know the jay cutler workout routine so they can look just like him.
With his routine involving him to visit the gym at least twice a day, its no reason why he looks
the way he does.
I'll be honest, not everyone has the willpower to perform his workout because it involves a lot of effort, and I know a lot of people may not have the time with all of their other obligations. Although if you do this workout, you will start getting great results really quick.

Who Is Jay Cutler?

The Jay Cutler Workout Routine To Build Muscle

(Note every workout consistent of three sets.)
If you want to learn how to properly perform any exercise, then search for it on Youtube.com or
Each exercise should consist of 8 to 12 repetitions.
Day 1: Morning
Side Laterals – Done with a dumbbell and these provide wider arms by working out certain muscles that no other exercise can really target.
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press – I usually like seated exercises better because you have more control over the weight you are using and you get more out of the exercise.
Front Shoulder Dumbbell Raise – This is good for targeting the front part of your deltoids.  You can also use this exercise with a barbell instead of dumbbells.  In fact a barbell might be better if you aren’t used to this certain exercise or if you are just starting to workout.
Bent Over Dumbbell Laterals – These are very similar to the regular side lateral exercise, but you are bent over while performing these.  I recommend performing these while sitting down to get the best results from this practical exercise.
Tricep Cable Extensions – This exercise is done with the pull down machine and is an excellent to target your tricep muscles.  Don’t lock your knees while you perform this exercise, doing so will make an increased risk of injury, so bend your knees a little wile doing it.
Close Grip Bench Press – A not so common exercise that people do at the
gym, but if done correctly, you can get some great results and big arms.
Dumbbell Kickbacks – Another good exercise that does a good job at targeting your triceps. 
Weighted Dips – You can do these without you being weighted first, then as you gradually get stronger may you need to add some weight to yourself. 
Day 1: Afternoon
Barbell Shrugs
Hanging Leg Raise

Day 2
Dumbbell Rows

Day 3
Barbell Bench Press
Dumbbell Bench Press
Dumbbell Fly's
Decline Barbell
Bench Press
Barbell Curls
Regular Dumbbell Curls
Hanging Leg Raise
Day 4:

Day 5
Day 6
Single Leg Curls
Leg Press
Weighted Calf Raises
Seated Calf
Hanging Leg Raises
Leg Lifts
Day 7

Your Options

As you can see this is a pretty demanding workout. Only people who are dedicated should attempt this workout because people who aren't motivated, will probably give up in two or three weeks. If you don't see yourself going to the gym more than once a day, then you may not want to try this workout.
If you don't want to try this workout than the next best option you have is to check out The Muscle Maximizer. There you will find much more manageable workouts that will help you build muscle. You will also learn the best diet plans that will help you build lean muscle that will consist of very little fat.

After you find a workout that is right for you, then you should also know that resting is just as important than working out, if you want to build muscle. If have to allow your muscles to rest and to fill them with proper nutrition and to learn how muscle is actually built. Most things you do to build muscle don't involve working out; most of it is by your diet.
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very attractive body!

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JAY CUTLER the man the LEDGEND I'm 16 years old one day ill be just like you watch this space !

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Hi jey,
I am your student. I am your student. I am going to the gym just for a three months. Isee ur history in YouTube. I want to become like u sir. I will try for it.i hope and confident becomes likes u. Please give me a correct workouts to me build a muscles like u.
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